Vieu: The Compass in the Sea of Data in Enterprise Sales

Learn how Vieu solves the problem of cyclonic data to provide a streamlined roadmap in the world of enterprise sales.

Water. The life source. The essential for survival. However, the adage “There’s always two sides to the coin” makes its presence felt more than ever in this case. Water can drown you. Its contamination can induce diseases like cholera, hepatitis, etc. How do water’s benefits and shortcomings affect enterprise sales?  

Water covers 71% of the Earth. Yet, water scarcity persists. In fact, only 1.2% of the water is drinkable. Similarly, the abundance of data looms large over enterprise sales. Consequentially, Enterprise Sales should have turned into child’s play. However, the underwhelming 1.1% success rate in B2B SaaS sales paints a different story.  

                     “Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.” - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Account Executives (AEs) often face the misconception that data is all they need in enterprise sales. But the reality is quite different.  

   AEs constantly drown in the sea of data while pursuing enterprise sales

How the Deluge of Data Hampers AEs

Today, AEs can access a sea of data with a click of a button. For instance, an ABM tool spits out 1000s of accounts after applying a few filters. Unfortunately, the data ravages AEs’ path to Enterprise Sales success rather than being their moat. How do you expect an AE to handpick the right accounts from the area of options?

Picture this: The intent data shows that a Software Engineer from Adobe’s California office has interacted with your website. How do you expect an AE to zero in on the employee considering that Adobe employs thousands of Software Engineers in California? In this case, data proves to be a bane rather than a boon for AEs.

Sales Intelligence tools fail to fare any better than ABM tools. They generate tons of data. However, their data lacks focus and contextualization. The data fails to shed light on any outcome-oriented data. Consequentially, salespeople rely on guesswork and cold outreach instead of leaning on insightful data. They do provide contact information for personalization at an individual level; however, it often proves to be futile as personalization at individual levels consumes a lot of time without proportional returns.  

Unfortunately, businesses accept the situation as the norm. Sales teams tolerate this calamitous method of working with cyclonic data due to the lack of innovation in Enterprise Sales. UNTIL NOW.

Read on to know how.

Vieu: Shaping the Present and Future of Enterprise Sales

Vieu serves as the lighthouse guiding the troubled waters of Enterprise Sales. It helps sales teams navigate through the oceanic amounts of data and provides them with actionable directions. Let’s explore how Vieu solves the persistent issues of Enterprise Sales.  

  • Sales-ready prioritization so that you spend time on accounts that have a high-propensity of closing.
  • It identifies the buying committee in the account along with the org chart and helps you find multiple paths to buyers.
  • You can do away with abysmal cold outreach strategies and get warm intros to the top brass of the organization.
  • Know how your solutions align with target account’s priorities and challenges so that you can elevate the deal size.
  • Save hours spent per day on account research with Vieu’s contextual insight into the account aligned to your ICP and solutions.

Start using Vieu and watch your Enterprise Sales rise.

Fahad Ahmed Shah
Last updated
April 17, 2024

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