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Timing the company metanoia

What is the right time to develop and put a company’s values in place?

Values established too early come before a company has understood what it truly stands for. Values in this stage will be incongruous with long-term lived values and will align the company along the wrong axis. On the other hand, values established too late will come after habits have started taking shape- when the company is at risk of losing its common creed. At this point, realignment of the company becomes challenging.

Since day 1, we have asked ourselves- when should come together as a collective, break down our experience into the threads tying our best moments together, and rebuild around a unified vision?

Vieu called it the company metanoia and embarked on a 3-month ritual to distill these experiences into 8 threads we believe are critical to our long-term success. We now share our values with you all, so you know who we are, and what we stand for in every engagement- whether you consider us as customers, employees, or investors.

The design of the macro-DNA

Establishing a culture is easy; living its values is hard. A lived culture must be baked into every aspect of the company- from hiring, product development, customer engagements, and daily interactions within the Vieu family. Values should be easy to remember, joyful to say, and obvious when embodied.

They are designed to stand on their own but have tension when joined as a collective. Tension is OK. After all, it’s the tension in the cable that gets a zipliner from one peak to the other.

Our values

#ECT - Earn customer trust

Customer obsessed. Fulfill our promises. Optimize for value, not hype or gimmicks.

#Craft - Pride in our craft

Build beautiful things. Obsess the details. Create joy beyond utility.

#EbyE - Excellence by example

High bar for others. Higher bar for self. Happiness in giving.

#Team - Win as a team

Respect decisions. Seek differing angles. Hard on product, kind on people.

#Audacity - Shameless Audacity

Dare to knock on doors. Run through walls.  Unafraid to stand-out.

#Luck - Manufacture luck

First principle thinking. Openness to data. Continuous validation.

#StratPat - Strategic patience

Confidence in the vision. Assurance in the journey. Swift, not rushed.

#LIRO - Less Input, Right Output

Local empowerment. Frugal engineering. Sound Judgement.

Plans for living them

In our commitment to the espoused values to be consistent with the lived experiences, we encourage our team to represent them internally and externally. You can explore our values here.

Simon Skaria
Last updated
September 12, 2023

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